Club Essence unlocks the door to a unique insider's world of wine country
adventures, speakers, gifts, wine education and much more for businesses
and individuals alike. Wine is all about pleasure. And this pleasure
continues to expand in depth and breadth as your knowledge grows.

Wine involves all of your senses, just pop a cork, pour a glass
and delight in wine's splendor.

• Appreciate the color 
• Enrich your experience with the bouquet
• Clink glasses in a joyful toast with a friend
• Immerse yourself in the flavors
• Delight in the sensory feel in your mouth leading to an everlasting memory

At Club Essence it is our goal to make the whole wine experience more
enjoyable and exciting while enhancing the meeting or meal. Everyone
knows wine and most everyone enjoys drinking it. Why not use this
familiarity with wine to offer an interesting change of pace? A wine related
event encourages discussion, friendship and relaxation while offering a
new and unexpected experience. Make yourself shine and show your
friends and clients how to enjoy life's greatest pleasures through wine.

Joining Club Essence is easy
and there's no cost - just FUN!